Our Team

The Bright Pond Bible Study leadership team genuinely loves the Lord, and it shines through in everything these women do! Whether they’re helping someone understand a passage in God’s Word or showing someone where the ladies’ room is, they are eager to help and desire to welcome and encourage all women.

On Wednesday morning, our team shows up hours before the doors open. They brew coffee, put out delectable goodies, move the chairs around, warm the place up, and put out signs so that newcomers can easily find us. And after the study, they are the last ones to leave.

It’s unusual for a group of women as large as BPBS to have such a “sweet spirit,” but we are blessed with just that. Most attendees feel like a welcome part of the group very quickly, all because someone reached out to them. One woman shared how, after missing the previous week’s study, she was surprised to see her group leader light up and exclaim, “Oh, I missed you last week!”

If you are looking for a Wednesday morning Bible study and have room in your heart for new friends, they are both waiting for you at Bright Pond!