The Story of BPBS

Everyone loves a good story! You know, the kind in which you can relate to the characters, and a compelling plot captures your imagination and quickly draws you in. Before you realize it, you’ve been transported to another place and time that seems tangible and real . . . The story you are about to read is an historical story of one woman’s obedience to God’s calling. Sit back and enjoy this journey back in time, to the beginning of a story that the Lord is still writing!

An Evening in December“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” It has been God’s pleasure that women have gathered together at BPBS for many years to study God’s Word. It all began when an extraordinary woman, Ellie Lofaro, decided to put “hands and feet” to Jesus’ command to “love thy neighbor” and went knocking on her neighbors’ doors, inviting the women to a Bible study at her home.

As you can imagine, Ellie was extremely excited that first morning as she waited to see who would come. She was surprised and delighted when three neighbor women arrived (all of them blonde!) and sat on one of her two blue couches, while she sat on the second couch. And that’s how the Lord birthed the Bible study on Bright Pond Lane. Ellie had no idea of the impact she would have on those women, or they of their impact on her!

Over the following years, in addition to leading the growing Bible study, Ellie wrote several books—one entitled Bonding with the Blonde Women—all while busy speaking on most weekends at engagements all over the country and beyond, blessing others with her heartfelt humor.

When Ellie’s last daughter moved to Nashville to attend college, Ellie entered a new season as an empty-nester. With that change, she sensed the Lord calling her to commit more of her time to writing, traveling, and taking her message of hope to even more women throughout the U.S. and beyond. Filled with the excitement and anticipation that come from being fully committed to following the Lord wherever He leads, Ellie decided to step down from her role as lead teacher of BPBS. Linda Tucker, who had been a support teacher for Ellie for several years, stepped forward to take up the mantle.

You can see there is something unique about BPBS, and yet it’s hard to isolate just what that uniqueness is. Is it Ellie? Is it that Bright Pond is a Bible study that welcomes women from all faith backgrounds, including no faith? Is it because BPBS keeps it simple and makes it easy for women to join in as they are able—the “come as you are” invitation?

At BPBS, we study some of the most amazing stories ever told. These stories always have a twist—they seem so simple on the surface, but as we reflect upon them, they unfold into much deeper and more meaningful stories. That’s the way our Lord chose to teach His disciples when He walked on earth. As His current-day disciples, we still learn by studying His Word.

Great stories, great lessons, great women gathering to learn and grow in their walk with the Lord and in their fellowship with one another . . . won’t you consider being part of the story that’s still being written?